Puhoi Egerländer Dialect

Five useful phrases to start you off...

Good day, how are you? mp3 Ben Straka
Very well, thank you mp3 Ben Straka
Not bad mp3 Ben Straka
Go (now) in the name of the Lord (Good bye) mp3 Ben Straka
Good night mp3 Ben Straka*

The phrases marked with an asterisk thus * are introduced by Isabel. They were recorded about a dozen years after the phrases not marked.

Imagine if every descendent, young and old, knew these few basic phrases. And if they used them to greet their fellow descendants. Then, something of the Puhoi Egerländer dialect would survive.

The Puhoi 150th Anniversary challenge...

To remember the simple Bohemian dialect greetings and to use them with your family.