Puhoi Egerländer Dialect

Memory aids

As a start, here are some simple suggestions.

Use silly pictures to help you remember

Alternative methods to help you remember

Note. I am told that, strictly speaking, the German W should be pronounced like a V.

Note. It is no good looking up an English-German dictionary because our ancestors spoke the Egerlander dialect, not the German taught in Universities today. I suggest you look at Kretsch's Egerländer Dictionary.

I will add to this section as mnemonics come to mind or as you suggest ideas. So, mnemonics are welcomed.

Automatically play the sound clip over and over again

Repetition is a great way to learn. Don't know how to do that? See the "Having trouble" page.

The Puhoi 150th Anniversary challenge...

To remember the simple Bohemian dialect greetings and to use them with your family.

Suggestion. Parents, when you are tucking your young children in, why not say Good night in dialect.