Puhoi Egerländer Dialect

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It is better to remember a few items well than a lot, poorly.

A little old lady had a bull (song)... mp3 Ben Straka
A, B, C. D. The cat... mp3 Ben Straka
Always sillier never clever mp3 Ben Straka
An empty sack... mp3 Ben Straka
Another fingers saying mp3 Ben Straka
Go in the name of the Lord and stay well mp3 Ben Straka
If my mother hadn't sewed (song) 1... mp3 Ben Straka
If my mother hadn't sewed (song) 2... mp3 Fred Rauner
John, go home (song) 1... mp3 Ben Straka
John, go home (song with music) 2... mp3 Fred Rauner
John, go home (song) 3... mp3 Fred Rauner
Laugh now, while you can mp3 Ben Straka
Mary's birthday; the swallows are flying mp3 Ben Straka
The devil's rosary beads... mp3 Ben Straka
You are a nice girl; you are a good girl... mp3 Ben Straka
You don't go to bed at night... mp3 Ben Straka
If only I were 19 again mp3 Ben Straka
Sayings (collection) mp3 Ben Straka

It is believed that most, if not all, of these sayings were bought out from Bohemia by the original settlers.

It would be great if you could become familiar with some of these sayings. That will help keep our Bohemian dialect alive.

The Puhoi 150th Anniversary challenge...

To remember the simple Bohemian dialect greetings and to use them with your family.