Puhoi Egerländer Dialect

Putting dialect on headstones...

Puhoi descendants! Why not put "Gäits nea in Gottes Nåmma" on your parent's headstone?

This is a conventional way of transcribing "Go in the name of the Lord" or "Go in God's name."

If the diacritics (the little circles above the letter "a") cause any problems, you could also use the following:

"Gejts nea in Gottes Nomma"

This is a great way to give a special character to our cemetery.


Daniel Nuetzel

Hoyt-Reichmann Scholar of German-American Studies

Director, Max Kade Center at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), 2009

Associate Professor of German, IU School of Liberal Arts,Cavanaugh Hall, Indianapolis

The Puhoi 150th Anniversary challenge...

To remember the simple Bohemian dialect greetings and to use them with your family.